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Event Horizon Entertainment LLC.

Event Horizon Entertainment LLC is a dedicated team of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds and work experience that are committed to fulfilling and expediting all needs for your large or small event. From event planning, marketing, sales, and operational expertise, our team can create and execute a plan tailored to your specific scope of work so you don't have to worry about the details.

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Our Events

Our Events Yaoi Expo Anime California Hentai Con
Yaoi Expo
Yaoi Expo is a fun-filled and safe environment, where enthusiasts can come together and share their adoration of male/male focused relationships covering a variety of different media such as anime, manga, comics, games and more! Our programming will celebrate shounen-ai, bara, and the love and romance of yaoi’s fictional Japanese male characters.
Anime California
Anime California is an all ages by the fans for the fans event providing a welcoming and safe environment celebrating Japanese Culture, Animation, Manga, Games, Cosplay, and Fashion.
Hentai Con
Hentai Con is an 18+ convention that seeks to create a safe and fun environment where mature adults can explore the genre of hentai with other like-minded enthusiasts and help create awareness and appreciation for hentai as an art form.